The weird thing about love is that you always want the love and respect from the one whom you love. Even tho they have hurt you enough to paint the sky black. Why is that, you think? Why do some people seek self destructive relationship…?

When your young you try to get your friends and parents respect. By doing stuff you think they want you to do. And when you get older, it is the same, but you also try to get the love and respect from your significant other. Working your ass of trying to get a man or a woman to love and be with you. Is it really worth it, will the other person love and be with you till the end? With the respect comes a whole lot of other important things. Like kindness and happiness.

Why do we always search for this in others? When I look at myself and my own life I see how people are and how I am. But do they see the real me…

This is the color and shades I feel inside and see when I look in the mirror. I look around me and see all the smiling people, the couples that hold hands and kisses. They all look so happy and at peace with themselves. I am routing and cheering for love at all time and for everybody! We all deserve a happy life and people around you that love you for who you are.

This is life how we got it and this is why we all need to make the most of it. I always wanted to be bigger than myself and leave something behind.