It is always all these question from other people, what do you do, where did you go to school, do you want a penguin? No, wait hold on, the last one was mine.I am in a place in my life where things have been fallen a little bit apart and I lost myself in the translation. So getting back on track is not always as easy as it seems and it takes time! Nevertheless as I wrote myself through my dads cancer and the sorrow that followed when he died, 01.10.08, I thought I do this again.

Since I really don’t know if anyone is reading this or where you are at in the world, I decided to do this in English. Mostly because then my friends abroad and those who do not know Norwegian can understand. But in between I probably write Norwegian as well. So bear with me and comment if you have questions, I do not bite!

I think when going through major issues in life everybody tends to go back into their own little shell, like snails do. I wish that I could have a “house” that I could carry around and when it is getting too much I could just hide and no one could come in. Tho I also know that this is not healthy for a longer period of time it is certain a good escape from reality sometimes. Just putting things on hold until I am ready to deal. And for those who do not know me that well, I am a little shy when it comes to confronting people. I say my opinion and I also might be loud sometimes, but I have certain things I have always hidden from others. So as the road to redemption and self-respect with in I have started to open my mouth, but with this the tears has also come. In the past I almost never cried or showed others that I am vulnerable. But lately I have been crying watching commercials, The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and if someone else has wronged another person. For some this is “normal” but when I have been a stone face for a long time now.. So this is a little bit weird for me, but it is healthy and I honestly feel more free and ready for what comes next.

I am also in a new era in my life, I have to start-up again. Find something to do and I have decided! This time around I will do the one thing I always wanted to do and that is to start for myself. So let’s go and see whats happens. Follow me, my dreams and the life I live.