I am here, sitting in the waiting room with the others waiting for my name to be called.

A few years ago I found a lump as small as a pea in my left armpit. I took some tests and everything was ok. But it started to get bigger and lately it has been like a plum. Tho this is nothing dangerous it is really annoying and unpleasant. So today I am finally removing it! Goodbye to my third “breast” and hello painkillers!

I always feel lonely when I am at the hospital, probably because I always do these things all by myself. It would be nice having someone waiting for me at home.. With the will to be a candystriper for a few days. But hey, I cannot get everything..

This is a sad day in history as well because yesterday a hiphop pioneer died, NATE DOGG, rest in peace! All his music will stay alive in our ears and speakers all around the world!!

Love XoX