The X-Files

The X-Files

It’s been a while since I have written, but I have been a litle lazy and working. There is no excuse, but it is the truth.

Lately I have taken up and old interest, The X-Files, yes and it is the TV-Show. And it is still a good show. Though I like David Duchovny more in his new show, Californication, it is interesting to see what we before thought was awesome technology. and now you see all the layers clearly like a sunny summer day in paris. In a way this is an escape from reality for me, just shut down and live through a fictional character and not feel so lonely…

I would recommend all of you to check it out again, because it is “cool” even now it has been almost 20 years…

As time goes by and everybody else live their lives I got myself the Go Pro Hero2 and I’m loving it. The virginity was taken in Hemsedal and I am loving it! Image

So when the equipment is in order everything else will be perfect… Or is that just a myth? The camera function is great and I am loving the Fisheye on it and the quality is awesome!


Indoor shoot. We have been visiting his father in Sande. He lives in a very cool house, because of all the old stuff that he has been collecting all over the years.

This will be a great camera because it is small, it will fit in almost every purse and it is so easy to use. So when we leave for Malaga on the 28th of March I know i will be stoked when I can capture the street skateboarding at all the hotspots!