The Dental Implant

For a while I’ve been struggling with a dental crown that broke, it is my 4th time breaking it I have to get an dental implant. This is an excruciated and horrifying pain, it takes a long time to heal and you have to be patient and not think about what you have been told. Because it will take more time than you have expected and you will have to wait before you get for your tooth! Though this is not to make you more anxious, it is the truth. And I only had to do one! For everybody who really needs this, do it! But if you do not – do not do it!

No one ever tells you how things are or how much things will hurt. I look at myself and believe that I have an high tolerance for pain! Though when this happened to me and my face went and changed to the unrecognizable, the pain is so much and everywhere all over!

This is from Tuesday 29th of May till Friday 18th of June! Today it is Sunday 3rd of July and my face almost look normal, but the pain is still almost unbearable!

The most important is to know that this too shall pass and we can all live with temporarily pain forever.

Around two months earlier i pulled out the root, and then the pain went on for 3-4 weeks, no kidding! This is of course not to scare others about this experience, but to speak about it! Because I think there should be some kind of information for you whom still have to go trough this!

I almost look like myself now, but it still hurts! So I try to smile, stay positive and looking forward to new years and new teeth!


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