It’s breaking me down, slowly, bit by bit… I can feel myself disappearing inside myself. slowly shutting down and distance myself from everything.

How is it possible that one thing can change so much about me and still go deeper and take over my persona? Are there others near me that understands how this is? 

 probably i am not a lucky charm… Since it seems like these things just happens to me and every time I am landing on my feet. But this time, I lost a huge part of myself… But still it should not matter, because there are others that is in a much worse place than me.

I really did not know what this implant thing would do to me. And the time, yeah, its set to be done around Jan 2013! I have been like this since Feb/March this year. It is painful and I am kinda hiding.

This is how it looks like:


I have a “tooth” (dental tooth) I can put in, but it hurts and I cannot speak with it. This has affected my psychic as well as my selfesteem. It changes everything. I have a psychologist and she is really not helpful. as my dentist is, but I do not feel like myself anymore.

Somedays I just want to hide, see no one, be no one… And then there are the times when I want to go out and be my happy self, but it is always halfway these days.. I want my smile back, my be like happy me!


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