These last days has been eventful in a way I would never thought was possible again. I have experienced my share of bad people both in relationships and in friends. I would think that my judgement is up to date, but it is not. I always fall for the wrong people. I have had loving and caring relationships, but some people will only show you what you will fall in love with. Then it all starts, the complaining, the yelling, blaming everybody else and never enough insight. 

I am not sure how this happened or why, but the only thing I can say for sure is that something needs to change. So I am changing me! Still I am not sure if the Cipralex has started to work yet, but there is some things that are different now. Like I feel my energy is slowly coming back though I almost have not slept in days. It is weird as well because I am not tired. I think that I have been approximately sleeping 1-3 hours during the night the last 4-5 days. My appetite has not come back yet, but my stomach is making a lot of noises.

But there are a few positive things happening in my life at the moment and I am so glad! Yesterday I met my good friend, Prado, he lives in Marbella now, but I got to know him before he moved. He is the kindest person, he is really good with compliments and is a good conversationist as well as a listener. We went for drinks at Grünerløkka, beers and updates! As I have seen on the forums for Cipralex, I had 3 beers yesterday and I got the buzz a little. I am not used to that because my tolerance level is high for my size and everything… Then we ate at Delicatessen Tapas, very salty, but cozy still. After that I met my sister, she is the worst ever. We went to Mekong and ate Thai. Kind a weird writing about all I “ate”, but in reality I got full so fast that I hardly manage to take a bite, so I brought the leftovers home and gave them to someone.  And I have to say that this was my first day I went outside my apartment in almost a whole week. But now I am on the bus to Tønsberg, celebrating ❤ and meeting the lovely ladies!

I am still feeling down, my life is taking a Uturn and I am going after my dreams this time. So this time around is my turn to be first all the time always in tge universe forever!

But there is one good news: I got a temporary dental tooth today, so I can smile! I will post a picture later.

Love Xx