The tooth..

Sometimes it all just comes down at the same time and I cannot help but wonder why is the unfairity always happening to me?

Again I am without my dentaltooth, it is gone! Yeah and guess what? Yup the technician told me that I am not getting this little “stiff” until January 2013, that means that my Implant will probably and hopefully be in by the end of February 2013! It has been almost a whole year without my right fronttooth. Looking like a little troll 🙂

The good thing is that this does not take as much thought as it did before me going on with Cipralex in my system. I am trying so hard not to let it control my mind and face. Yes that means no fronttooth all over the place. I cannot be bothered with the uncomfortable pain and losing it suddenly everytime i eat or talk. So you all have to accept and smile back! I am still the same or I am trying to get back to myself as they say.

My therapist says that I am bad at saying no and that is probably why I attract sociopaths and so on. So If you are a humanbeing and have a lot of sociopaths in your world, start saying NO to people so that they cannot take advantage of your kindness and empathic feelings for others…

X Any