All the people…

There are a lot of “crazy” people, some are goodcrazy, but those who are badcrazy you need to check yourself in the mirror! Do not go around and badmouth good people.

My world keeps biting me in the ass, but at the same time I am one step ahead now. I have started to think a lot about the meaning of awareness after I saw this documentary about it.

It got me thinking, instead of living trough other people I have to live it now in me. I know there are people in my circle that is not good for me and do not give me anything as a friend but headtrouble and hate like copycats.

To all of you out there whom taken time to read my website please treat eachother with respect and love.

Do not be evil to those who live. – AnyBryde (c)

I am not sure why life is the way it is, but the thing I am sure of is that things do happen for a reason and there is a thin red line somewhere, that keeps you moving forward. I have been so lucky to have met a lot new people lately and I love them and my old people. Today my Marita turned 30 years so we are having a girls-night-out with dinner and drinks. Happy BIRTHDAY ❤

Remember one thing; The easiest thing is to always be honest, because the truth will be known! – AnyBryde (c)