All of Me…

I always dive into the sea with all my clothes on, like with an open heart and mind, but it has yet again bitten me in the ass. But still I survive and keep on going…

Life gives you a lot of surprises and the best thing is to face them. I am still learning this at 30, so I guess we live and learn! To give someone room in your life means that you take care of them, this does not mean that you can abuse this trust. Do not think that you can keep going around and exploit people. I am patient and I let things go to far, because I really do not want to hurt anyone… But there is no one standing up for me if I do not do it myself! so i do not care for liers and i know in eternity you whom blamed others will be punished forever with nothing more than loneliness illnesses and no return to nowhere forever!

As I slowly see the world with my eyes I see all the evilness and emptiness that flows around. Put on a smile and do something good for someone else today!

It is four years since my dad died today, I love, miss you and think about you every day.

R&C left for their backpacking trip today, I hope you will have the best time and do everything you want to do! I will come and see you on the other side!

At times I do feel lonely, like I have done these last few days and this makes my thoughts go wild. So here was a part of my head today… There is a lot more, but I cannot put it in words now.