Honesty & Trust

It all comes down to this, honesty & trust, and why is this so hard for some people to follow? Is not this the core of every relationship on earth between beeings here on our global planetearth? What do we have if we do not have trust?

I doubt, think, overanalyze, see and hear things. But how would you, if you felt like every single person here is keeping things from you. The hurting part is that in my gut, I always know what is what… But sometimes I need help to divide the others or the truth instantly. So when my brain races and I see the eyes of others I wish that I did not know, I wish for it all to go away. I wish for peace, harmony, love and eternity. I know I am a bit to much at times, but I get this bad feeling, my hole body shakes and all I want is to sink down in to the rabbit hole and stay in Wonderland forever, where there are only right and wrong, no shades of grey, and endless with light and love in happiness forever in unity and diversity with love for everything.

I wish my dream was reality and reality did not exist anymore… So why do people cheat, yes of course it is all about that they all do. Some in a more hurtful way than others. I wish I had my upside now, because the down is not fun at all and ths darker is darker than ever before.

I wish for so much…

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