“Secrets, Dirty Secrets”

As I get older I like to think I also be wiser, but as time ticks I’m most certain that wise and honesty go hand in hand. So thrive for a clean mind, body and soul at any time in your life. To have this in life you need to clear your head and actions…

There is this girl, I don’t know her well, but I now know enough to say that I changed my mind on her. In the beginning I thought she was a sweet person, but as time went I have learned that she is not. She is actually the opposite of what I want in friends and life! In fact this person would go under unfaithful, cheater, horrible person and fake! I don’t know how you go around smiling all day, but I have heard that if you wanna go somewhere in life you have to be bitchy! So congrats on achieving that!
I deny to believe in such crap! If you’re good good will happen to you, if you smile smile will come back to you and everything you do to others others will do to you!

So tell me or please comment if you have thoughts! The subject is “Secrets, Dirty Secrets”, what is ok to lie about and what’s not? Relate to anyone in life, try to put yourself in a bipolar state if you can. I also want your OWN opinion!

I’m humbled that you take time outs of your days to read what I write. Sometimes it is a lot of words, most times sad, but I’m trying to keep it up! Again, thanks people.. It makes me feel less alone in a weird way!

“Be the one that do good to others without expecting something back, be the change in your own life and make a difference!” – AnyBryde ©

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