..liars.. What do u think?

I wish I knew it all, like the great wise people of the old ways. From the roots and around the world they shared everything. Not like today, where everybody has their own plate, coffee mug, seat, chair, and so on. There’s of course a reason why I love the Asian culture so much, except from the obvious – it’s the sharing culture, love and smiles.

I wish I didn’t make the choice, or the right thing to say is that I wish I never knew of you.. People go around talking this game like you own it. But to elevate yourself up in the fucking sky, that’s a sure way to get love, appreciation and serendipity! It is a choice to fuck others over or you can be a good person! The truth is I really don’t care that much anymore, if the girl that “fucks around” is a good choice – be my guest.
I know the flaws of people’s past and I never use it against them, except when I need to prove something personal and they have wronged me.

“Lie to me ones and I will hardly or most likely not ever trust you again. Because if you live a lie you are a lie!
Remember to never cover up the truth with lies and be the person that take responsibilities for your own action!
Don’t call another person crazy if you have not walked a day in that person shoes!
Fuck the people that wronged you, there is a second, but not a third!”

So I started in a good mood and ended at the bottom again… I wish someone understood me and didn’t call me crazy because I have this illness…

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