Thank you!

Wow – I noticed I got over 1600 hits on my site, thank you for reading! I hope some of it is useful or may come handy some day or if you are just curious that’s ok too. Being “me” is not an easy thing these days, I struggle a lot, with depression, mania, vivid realities and not knowing the difference between reality and dreams.

Between me and the world it seems like to me, and it really feels like a big ball of everything and nothing. I can’t really get a grip around what’s here for me, and what’s here for all you other people. Again I wish more of you where followers of the sharing life methods than the selfish way of 2013. Yes, I know that not all of you falls under this category, but for me it seems like most of you do. So as the daylight returns from the night and the life of everything surface it hits me, you can’t trust anyone? What, that isn’t true?!
But how can you go around with blindfolds, is it because you don’t want to see the truth and reality, or is it because you really believe the stars will sprinkle unicorns over your bubble and say swoosh? I don’t think that happens, when things or let say the stars align, they need balance, yin & yang, there shouldn’t be secrets or lies and you should be able to stand your own ground. Walk in your own shoes as they might say.
Time stands still it seems, often we burry our burdens so deep that we forget to look after them. Like they are misfits of today’s world. The days are just days and everything is floating pass me. In other words you might say I seem lost, and you might be right there, but I am really looking, looking for help, see if some one understands and don’t misunderstand me. I am not crazy, I just see things differently!

But as the days go, I see you go …


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