Could it be…

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When a door closes another one opens at the same time. It can be said about death, but also life…

Time here is not ours to have, but every bad or good action will lead you on your path, where you are destined to be..

Do you believe in the Universe, keeping us together, making our dreams come true as we state them? Or do you believe in a religion, a God?

I think while we walk this planet, Earth, we are visitors in our time. We have to treat the Earth as our mother, not as the “trash” some of you do… Understand if we work together, come together and stay together. The world would be a much better place. We are not to be put in “boxes” or judged, we are equals!
Let the future be a wholesome, not an alone some…

In these cold days, all I long for is summer and sunshine! If there’s one thing that helps us Bipolar, it’s the sun. For me it’s like the sun is my energy source, my battery. But lately as my depression has taken over, there’s almost no energy left in my body. It has been a hard year, but also years. Hopefully in March one of my problems go away, when I get my Implant tooth! Then it’s been a whole year without a tooth! But, Hey, I don’t let that stop me. But it has done something with me and my..

There is a few reasons to smile, for me these days… This will might come out later at some point… Let see, see what happens! On that note, do something unexpected.