Hide and Seek

Time is an illusion, and so is life said the thinkers of yesterday. Never more than now is the certain point where I clearly see my impulse control taking over. Making bad or maybe a little wrong decisions at some times. As the moments pass and I still sit here shivering alone, i just realise that there is no one out there. Why walk this road we call life alone, why don’t we shack up like the animals, in herds?

So Hide and Seek is a reality, and I am spanned around like a carrousel horse. Who am I to say whats right and wrong. I don’t even know where I am going. And is that really a problem, I don’t really know. Do I really care about this now? I just want to write, share my world and thoughts with you. As I am thankful and honoured that you take time from your everyday life to read about me! I just want to you to know that YOU are not alone, because I am here. As one, because one is the loneliest number that you will ever know. So its better to be two!


I am acting like a teenagers at times, as well as the two year old child I once was, but don’t have any memory of. It is weird, not knowing where I am from. It is like not belonging anywhere, so I breath deep and take a Valium, it doesn’t help anymore…  I just want to feel connected to someone or something…