Don’t you take my kindness for weakness. That’s the wrong idea, believing that honour and pride is everything. Believe in life, love and people.The world would be a better place, and we all could be one!


As the Women Day go on, life goes as well. Tick, tack, like the clock on the wall. Never ending ticks that do not care what you do, they just move. I am not that strong anymore, neither do I have the same Umph! What happened, where did the turn go? Feeling out of business and not knowing much, I am left with all the thoughts, sounds, hallucinations and vivid realities. I have this person, that I can talk openly with, it is different. Or is it me thats more clear? I have established that it is all right to be somewhat egoistic, but not to much. How do we live this life as our own, when we do not know where we going? One thing is certain and thats that I need a companion in life – not being a lonely soul. One night to be confused, or just a fresh breath of winds twirling in and around each other.  

I wish now more than ever that you could understand, let me act and be a little crazy, don’t judge me. I am not all that bad, I have myself to blame, but I m trying. Building myself up, piece by pice. Not knowing how to really be anymore… Just be my friend, I don’t want to be alone…