Good day

I love it when my mom comes for a day in Oslo, like she did today. It’s the best and helps me a lot! I know you think of me and I am lucky to have you and love you!
We spent the day with coffee, accidentally running into sister and the hubby. They left for Thailand, we went shopping, eat dinner at Big Horn Steak House and brother joined as well.

It takes a lot of energy for me to be out all day, but spending the day with family puts a smile on my dark clouds that hovers above. It is not easy being me at the moment, but I am hoping I will be back soon. I am just happy that I have good people in my life and I will take all advice given. I know my mind tricks me at times and I struggle with wrong choices. It would have been easier to cope if I was hospitalized sooner than later. The waiting is unbearable and long! What am I to do when I hardly can’t do anything?
This makes me feel down, depressed, confused and misplaced. But there is one other thing that helps my mood thus it also makes me a little bit unsure..

As Sex and The City rolls in the background I am easily taken back a few years. Remembering how this show “talked” to me. Like I always think in my head that tv-shows, movies, songs etc is about me and my… And then I am gone in Wonderland!