Day 1 & 2

I have arrived at the hospital, my first night is over. I did not sleep that well, but it is a little expected as this is a new environment for me and all that and I did not take something to sleep. I have met a lot of people whom I cannot name at all. Being bad at remembering the names of others is not always the best, thus in this case it is good, since it is anonymous. But I will say that there are good people here and I hope this will bring me to a better place.

Yesterday was a lot of information and impressions, so my head is a little full right now. But I feel safe here, inside these walls – more than on the outside. I do not have troubles with finding my place, but still I do not know who I am anymore. This place will help my mind as well as my body to work together as one. And the best part is that I am never alone here! Looking around in this empty room on my first morning is somewhat weird, but the coffee is in the cup and I feel a little off. My sister followed me here yesterday, that was so nice of her and a great comfort for me. I do not like goodbyes, but they are not forever and I have to learn that. The reality of this world is people coming and going. I also had a good friend visiting me after he got off work as well, he is my roommate and best friend. I was so happy to see him and it warmth my heart! I feel as I am very lucky that I have this good network of people around me. I believe in the good of people and hope that this will be enough for the future. So to all of you who live with us, just bear with us – we try so hard!

you dont understand

As my second day is starting here I am off… So we will speak later my dear readers 🙂