Oh no…

Yesterday started early, earlier than normal and I only slept for a few hours. Today is almost the same, but I did not woke up every single hour. But I did woke a few times and really early again, around 7 am. Yesterday I went on trip to Frogner Parken yesterday, with one of the ladies that work here. Normally the groups are bigger, but this time it was only me. We took the tram and walked around in the park chatting and looking. The weather was grey and foggy, but the not that cold. 


I had a little break down on the way back to the hospital because I got reminded of a bad person that abused me when we were together. So I fell apart and took a valium. Came back here for dinner that we eat at 1 pm, like the “old-ish”. I took some time, cried a little and pulled myself back in… The days here are long, but not that long, I have a schedule I have to follow, so I get routines in my daily life, important! I had my first little work out in the gym-room, it was good to feel my pulse again. Today is not a good day, but maybe it will be better later. They took blood-tests of me today, so we will see what they show when they come back. Also I had my Kaveh popping by, making me smile 🙂

Here a new day starts, so I will be back – Take care sweets!