Weekend at the hospital

So as you have seen my right front tooth is back and the smile I have been longing for over a year, to be exact; 15 months! Is back! Finally I can walk around with my head hold high and smile to the world again. Not that this assists my psyche at all as a lot of you predicted. But yes, I have the tooth again and there is no difference, I do not even notice it. But it is a state of the art tooth made from ceramics so I am happy for that!


Again I had an upsetting night with a lot of vivid dreams and waking up every other hour. So around 6:30 am I got up, took a shower and all that. So now I am sitting here alone, in this living/eating area. This is a game of hide and seek, me running around looking for whatever calms me down. I have been here since Monday and this is a safe environment for me as well as I think and hope it will help. Yesterday I had a talk with my doctor, answering some questions. There is a lot to face and I do not know how to process everything. It does effect me and I am a little worried about me and my. But this is really the right place for me to be as I feel a little bit more at home. So the saying is true, Crazy does as crazy loves and we just want to be understood! Not that I am crazy per se, but the diagnosing has started and the questions disturb me as well as what I had for answers… 

To all of you whom hurt me in my past, I will come back stronger than ever and show you how a women can raise herself and dust off all the bullshit that I have experienced in my life!