A new weekend

You get what you give and live the way you live. Learn from your own mistakes and treat others the way you want to be treated. Never give up on people or judge them by their cover. Underneath there are many layers that will come out when the time is right or when you are ready for it.


In times like this there is important to have a safe place where you can escape in to a bliss, a peaceful place where your mind and thoughts can flow freely. The never ending story of life is not an ending story, but an ongoing stream like the blood that runs through our veins. As I experienced they discontinued one of my medicine, Cipralex, yesterday I broke down and fell in to a hallucination that lasted for 2,5 hours. With voices, conversations and people. It scared me, and I felt lonely and outside from myself. As I run through the days of my life I see people come and go. They leave and some come back while others just stay in the other world. I have been told that it seems like I am more “grounded” whatever that means. I do not have that feeling at all, I feel lost and alone in this little crazy world of mine. Where there is no one that cares for me or see how I feel on the inside. This loneliness is killing me and taking over everything that surrounds me. Not knowing where I am going is not a problem, I guess, but I know I will be gone…

Do not think that I will leave your side, when you are gone, I will be there holding you tight to me. Like there is nothing else in this universe. I will make you feel and shine like the brightest star! 

This is my third weekend here at Oslo Hospital, I feel at home, but still I struggle with myself. Putting myself before others is a subtle and non existing thought in my world. But I will be better, more, clearer and stronger this time around. Not trying to master it all at once, but breath in slowly and let the bad go. Fly away with the wind and let the sun in our hearts. Do not condemn others, but see them for who they truly are and how the lights shines through their eyes. Every one of us is special, rare, unique and one of a kind! Remember this when you walk around with your head held high, and stay in the now!

Enjoy the weekend my lovely followers ❤