New Era

I’m not sure if its the right thing to do, but I’m doing it anyway. I think it’s healthy to do stuff that’s outside my comfort zone. But it’s hard because I’m introvert, even though I know some of you would label me as extrovert. I talk, but not that much since my medication. I feel as there is something missing…

20130625-122656 PM.jpg
After months of not going out, I was out with friends last Saturday. Had an awesome time! I had forgotten how much fun it was, “crashing” a birthday party, going to the local spot and dancing the night away. Thank you for a night to remember!

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My days are somewhat of an haze, but the gardening and cooking is enough and satisfying. I have this peaceful spot, where dreams might come true. While my head does this rapid cycling all over, it’s exhausting! I wish for peace, a quiet place like an island hidden from the world. Spending my day daydreaming about places, countries, people and sunshine! Would that be a good medicine? I have a plan with my lovely Anna to go to Thailand this fall, I haven’t been there since I was 18/19 years. The time goes by like no one is noticing or acknowledging it. There is just the day and night, the sun and the moon aligning side by side. They found a way for them both to exist, sharing. Why is this so hard for people? I don’t think it’s right for people to go through life alone, you need people, friends and family. If you don’t share your life you will regret it, and after a while you will realize what you missed out on something special. Be the one you want to meet! Laugh, dance, sing as no one is watching and just live!
I’m getting there someday!