It’s difficult being and let be…

“As bipolar disorder often carries feelings of hopelessness and worthlessness, simply affirming their strengths and positive qualities goes a long way.”

This is a free tip to all of you that have a loved one who’s Bipolar and/or BPD. It’s not easy to live with those illnesses for us or for you who loves us. But we try, as I know that I cannot speak for everybody who’s Bipolar and/or BPD, but I meet challenges everywhere I go. Yes, I might be the only one to know about how I really am, but I get sad and tear up if I have to speak about a sensitive theme. I’m not secretive about my mental illness, as you might caught up on here. I wish for this to be helpful for others in my situation and tell the world how our eyes and ears meet the rest of the world. I spend a lot of time inside my own mind, not good or healthy since I always go to far when it comes to research. 

be you

This life that we all live and want, projections, family, wealth and security. Is not the same with a mental illness, there are different things that count. For me, I wish I had someone to level me, care for me and be here. I know I have good friends, but there is always that dream about a shining bright knight in white armour who will tuck me in every night. As for now, in this moment I’m at my moms place in Tønsberg. I’ve been here since monday and going back tomorrow to the place where I’ve been lucky enough to stay after my hospitalisation. My heart is overfilled with a feeling that I have almost no experience with, having friends who is as good as their words and better makes me feel thankful and so lucky! I have to say that I couldn’t be luckier and I’m humble to have you in my life, Iben, thank you! And then there’s back to Oslo on the 1 of September, moving in with my dearest Ellisiv. Looking forward to a new era in my life, hoping this will only bring and give me the best that life can give or just to stay happy for a whole week would also be rewarding…

take a chance

So take a chance in life, give me some energy so I can cope and feel worthy. And are you also diagnosed with both BP and BPD?

Tomorrow I might get to see my new-pregnant-soon-to-give-birth Ida-Brit! I’m so excited for them! ❤