A little trip to the sunny side

When “faith” calls you and tell you to buy a ticket to Malaga when the winter is on its way in Oslo, I said yes without blinking and just did it! So now we’re here in Marbella/Spain. We arrived on Saturday. This place is called Elviria Hills and is so beautiful and quiet. We arrived on Saturday, here in this sunny place. It’s an oasis of green with palm trees, ponds and this chill atmosphere. 


Sunday was the day I Finally got to dip myself in the ocean again, this was my first since last year! And I got a full body massage for 20€ 40 minutes. So the beach is still happening here and we’re tanning our asses off! So while I am the only one of the five of us that don’t exercise, I spend my time in the sun, swim, eat, write and chill. This is by longing a holiday I have been waiting for and its all for me and some of my friends. Last night we went to El Lago ( means the lake) , this restaurant has two Michelin Stars. We all went for the classic five course meal with wine. Got some bubbles to start it all and different breadsticks from Andalusia with, pork, shrimp and poppadom with aioli mix. The wine and food was great, five courses is a lot for my little stomach, but I made it through with a little cheating. I didn’t lick the plate. There aren’t any pictures, because Tam suggested this game. That all iPhones were off limits until we came back home and if one of us forgot and took it up. That person had to pay for the whole meal! For us people nowadays that’s not so easy, since we’re always swiping, touching, surfing and “socialise” with peoples or apps. And the price wasn’t bad at all, we paid 500€ included vat, tips and we were five people! Not bad for us small town people to really take it all out in this fabulous establishment. Not a bad place to be while its cold and wintery back home.


Monday was spent by the pool, getting our tanning on. While Jeanette, Kathrine, Kim and Tam EXERCISED in this heat! Crazy group of people aren’t they… But hey, it’s a lot of exercise walking around here in the hills. And I’m not really comfortable with the term of me exercising just yet. Bad memories are hard to shake! So before they all joined me by the pool, we eat lunch and did some grocery shopping for the home cooked meal I made for us all.


Take care!