It’s like a bad dream

When I finally thought that I had found a place that I could call home and be safe for a little while. I couldn’t be more wrong!! Because some people are false more often than honest.

20131213-031152 PM.jpg
Why convince someone into renting a place in the middle of nowhere, where cabs cost more than the weekly rent! Why trick someone into spending money on stuff, movers, rent, food and so on because you don’t have any. Or I truly believe that some of you did this for a sol purpose, so you could spend it on only you and not sharing and caring like I’m used to! I have never or in fact I have a few to many of these experiences with you fuckers now and you are still rude enough to call me “friend”. No, no, no not existing at all is the label. So before we go any further I have to say no to being manipulated into believing that the shit you serve for dinner is actually food!

20131213-031023 PM.jpg
Trying to be strong for myself and others, not really being able to see the true me or walk around with my head held high. It feels like my legs are cut clean off, falling hard to the ground on skin, blood and bone. Like when you drop a grocery bag. I’m trying to coop with my mental health, but man how fast a person can turn into the worst trigger in one second… And then all that is left on your name tag is darkness and hate.

So no I’m not happy, but I know that I can’t trust you and that’s sad! It’s sad that you made it go bad like mold…

I had two good days… I want them back!

Keep it real, don’t be a hater or a backstabber ❤