Frenemies (Throwback)

A throwback for you who joined med now,  Help spread the word ending stigmatising on mental illnesses, just because it is invisible it is as real as any other chronic illness that are visible! Enjoy the read and just ask, leave a comment if you have something to say 🙂

There are a lot of things that is running through my head as I look back on 2013. The main thing that comes to mind is how people lie and cheat just to get ahead. There are so many people out there that pretend to care, but in the end they are just up right traitors. How do you live with yourselves and your choices to screw over people who care for you…

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Alone in my head, where there are several voices, bad memories and nowhere to escape. And I was on my way to “stable-ism” and then came the manic episode that lasted almost two weeks. I’m exhausted now and all I want is sleep, but there are something in the back of my head that keeps me “awake-ish”. Daydreaming while being awake and not knowing whats real and whats not. Do you have these states of mind? Do you ever get lost in your own head, while doing hundred of different things at once. Never getting anything done, because the attention-span isn’t working right.. Sitting still staring out in the air like the smoke that blows in the wind. And now I have more trigger people in my life and I have to delete you bad influenced “shitties”, hoping you will get enough insight to see your own behaviour.  Maybe changing some things and becoming a better person in the future… Why do you do this, don’t you see that you are in the wrong place. Screwing over others like nothing has happened, how do you find the nerve or reason this?

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I know how to handle these situations now, but they still fuck up my life because of the never-ending bullshit. So now I’m cleansing my world for liars, haters, cheaters and friends that pretend to be friends – GoodBye!

So hello to the new era, neighborhood and good friends!


Any Bryde

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