I’m here – FINALLY!

It is over a decade since I was here for the first time. I was 18, didn’t know much about life except for partying and living life “loco”. Back then I went with a friend, we had some awesome times, but it’s not bad traveling alone. I met so many people already and I’ve been here ten days now. The travel route was different last time and we didn’t really know what we would have to experience. It was all  a new continent, country and everything. Things were also very different back then than now. It’s all hi-tech, internet and 3G all over the country for free. It’s the digital-traveling-world now. 


Before there were internet cafe, now we all bring, iPhones, smart phones, mac, pc and so on. Almost every kid has a tablet of any sort. The world is evolving and we humans just borrow the time here on mother earth. Leaving a mark that hopefully will make it all a better place, as for us and the future. In all honesty, Thailand, is one of my favorite places on earth. There are so many different people working side by side. There is no complaining just smiling and living the easy life. As for Koh Chang, I love this island, it has everything you want from sand-fleas to waterfalls. Yes, I discovered I’m allergic to sand, tree and the sand-fleas. So I went to the clinic and got a shot, pills and cream. My foot looks humongous!


I spent my first days in Bangkok, Khao San Road with my friend Lee. Also met some cool people, who took me around Bangkok. I saw a pig farm, “Slaughter” house and barbecued pig.


The thing with traveling alone, it’s not lonely, it is actually the opposite. Too socializing and I met people everywhere, they take me around to see the island, met more people and eat. So I’m actually in bed by 9-11pm every night. Koh Chang is a beautiful island that has everything you need as long as you have a motorbike. Yes, I had one and it made me feel so free, the wind in my hair and just drive around wherever I wanted. I have been warned about all the accidents that happens here, but I’m careful and use my helmet. One week in Koh Chang gave me a taste of the good island life. Though I almost only made thai friends, I wouldn’t do anything different. And as I go trough my schedule that actually is non existent, I know there are friends of mine whom never could have done this with me. As you say, the “posh luxurious” life isn’t my lifestyle, I’m simple, easy and just want to make memories all over the world. Just like my brain and mind travels on its on… It’s giving me this bad feeling on the inside, because you lose out on seeing a culture and country that is helpful, yes some of them are little bit to intrusive some times and the compliments. But still there is this curiousness in the voice and eyes. Everybody asks where I’m from and no ones still  understand the word adopted. Its all good they smile, I try to explain and life goes on.


The story is long already, memories are filling up and I’m settling more and more. As for you whom read and follow, thank you! And again I’m humbled because of an unknown man from twitter putting me on Vincent Dignan added you to list vincentdignan/writers-to-check-out


My mental health is a little rocky at the moment, but I think it’s to much socialising some times. My head gets tired and I have been in bed by 9-11 these last days. Otherwise, I’m not partying that much and I brought too much stuff so tomorrow I’ll have to send some of it home – my backpack is so heavy!

Smile, laughter and love,