Awareness day…

We’re now leaving Surrathani as I write. It’s a good feeling, going to Koh Phangan with my new friend from Gemert in Holland, Suzanne. She is so much fun and we want to see the same places. So instead of staying on Phi Phi I went with her.

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The Phi phi days was fun, thanks Paddy for letting me stay with you! We had good times, but you had more drunken times than me 😉 it’s all good and Phi Phi does something to people. There’s no limits whatsoever, you can almost do whatever you want and the drunkenness is so drunk that you won’t believe it until you experience it yourselves. But Phi Phi is still amazing and everybody who comes there love it and get a little stuck. So you need a push to get your groove on! I had an experience with Paddy and I was so glad I decided to leave the island yesterday. Because some stuff aren’t funny at all ;)!

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I’ve been exhausted lately, sleeping a lot and still in need of more rest. The night ferry to Koh Phangan is still the same, beds, fans and power! The wonderful life of a non stressful way of traveling, I’m glad I met all these people, special ones, that also has this “there’s no need of planning”, just decide and get on the boat, bus, train or whatever! I’m enjoying my life as a traveller, it suits me and I can feel the shifting. Thus I had this breakdown a couple of days before I left Bangkok. Because of my illness I have no filter or control, so it ends up with me feeling really guilty and sad. I’m a work in progress, you know as they say; “Rome wasn’t build in a day”.

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It’s time to close my eyes and sleep some. Thanks for reading and following. You’re welcome to ask question or send personal message, don’t be afraid or shy!

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