The adventures will never end…

The adventures aren’t finished yet, still there’s more to come and more to experience. As we speak (or write) we’re in Hua Hin drinking cocktails after a good Thai meal. We have since last time been to Koh Phangan, where I took a tattoo on my right foot, biking, hiking and drove around the island,

20140408-110935 PM.jpg
Koh Phangan has changed a lot, but the vibe is still there and the people are friendly. It was also really cheap there now. We took the night ferry and arrived 6am, without any pre booking. So we ended up at Coral Bungalow because there was a women at the pier promoting it. We paid 500thb pr night with ac! Oh so cheap! And koh Phangan isn’t that expensive. It was good to leave P.P. and traveling with my new and awesome friend Suze! We live, eat, drink, enjoy, travel, rent mororbikes and just enjoy the good life!

20140408-111135 PM.jpg
I also took my Any in Wonderland, Absolum on my right foot. Been feeling better lately, except for the feeling of exhaust ness and tiredness. I’m guessing it’s because of all the socializing and small talk. I’m so bad at that and my brain just shut down. As for me, I feel I get closer but there’s something missing and I can’t really understand what… Here in Thailand I don’t feel like a misfit, here I can be my crazy self without limitations and being judged. I love Asia and the way of life here. Back home everything is about how much money you make, what you own and how extravagant your life is. It should be simple, we don’t need all these things to be happy and there should be a voice in our head telling us to live a simpler life. I don’t see myself chasing status or wealth. It’s all about love, peace and health! So take a minute, look around and clean up your life. Be humble, smile more, love harder and stay true!

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