Is one truly the loneliest number? Well it depends on what you will define as lonely. I will say that two can also be very lonely, when it’s distance between two people. Missing another person feels more lonely than not missing one. There is a way where there is a will!

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Summer has arrived and the weather has again turned bipolar as it does every year in this country. I’m soon near to be an expert on that theme, so I’m picking it up. We’re on the same level, the weather and I! Not that I’m afflicted by the weather. But in these days I just want to be at peace and it’s not happening quite yet. But still there are troubled people and liars around. The truth is all that is and in the end everything will be as it suppose to be and happen when it’s suppose to happen. So get ready to “rock out, with your cocks out!”

 20140620-070417 PM-68657393.jpgBut as there are a personal attack on me because of me writing, sharing, caring, open, honest and public! I have to say, I write, write is what I do, what I want to do is write, writing is the essence of me and as word evolve and time pass by shall it all be known as life, love and people. I spend hours thinking, looking, analyzing, twisting and turning. So the wrong can be right and the right can be seen by all. But the words are powerful, more than money, using them right and correcting the wrong is always harder that it looks. But I know you try and for that I applaud you, right on the point, but still a bit to go…

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