In a Relationship

Finally the wait is over and I’m here, in Venice, with my man and another couple, Danielle and Jay, they are so cute. I know it is probably not the right word for them, but I think it’s a good sign. I’m normally scared and a little bit con surd because of my state and all. I really do believe that people don’t like me at all. Yes, I know I have friends telling me the opposite, but my mind twist and turns it around like a tumbler you would not believe. It is suddenly strange for me to be with people who let me be me and don’t try to change me into this apathetic persona with no opinions or to eat the way I want. In my life I have been threaten to a lot of different things, and I have never put my foot down until now. I’m done being controlled by a human that have to mistreat and abuse others so they can feel, “Bigger and better!” Now I can be myself, without being afraid of being called stupid or a cunt! You did not have to go to court, but I can assure you that this does not believe no one knows or will get to know the story. 

Be careful

People can blame me for whatever they want, but I am honest and frank, so come on! I have been through hell and back again several times now, so the path is pretty clear. And I have my man by my side, a real man, not like you other suckers that didn’t have enough guts to admit that you treated me bad or you being selfish. I’m so happy now, everything is calm, easy and fun. We do this in our own way and its working. In have friends asking me how this will work because of the distance, but it doesn’t matter when you love someone. All that matters is loyalty, honesty and trust. These are the three fundamental basis to build a relationship on. I feel so lucky, it’s like winning a lottery you didn’t buy a ticket for! This is just amazing and now where on this “Love boat” or our “honeymoon”, hehe. Sailing away with Splendors of the Sea on the Mediterranean Sea. 

Ways to love

Just think about this, I met him completely random in the streets of Chiang Mai, he’s from Vancouver, I live in Norway and now we are together. If this isn’t love, i don’t know what is! A funny thing is that in Europe we hide our feelings, telling someone you love them is like scary, so we have this “I care about you or I’m found of you”. Before I love you! In English they say I love you, there’s no reason to go around this! Just tell them when you want, don’t wait for the perfect moment, it may never come. Why hide your feelings? I believe that if you can’t tell a person what you feel it’s not right. And love is the best cure against depression, I promise you! 

I just not need you to be

Being on a cruise ship reminds me about my father all the time, I miss you! But I couldn’t ask for better travel company than these guys! And having a man that actually listens to what I say and enjoys it. So we started of the cruise in our true way, with some, drinks, food and spa treatments. I love getting pampered, it’s relaxing and good for the soul. First we had our facials, that was so good, my face feels new and I fell for buying a few products, my man told me that I have to say that I have to ask my man first. He owns a few businesses, so he can get me the things I need. Love that! After that being on this cruise and all there was a safety drill. And then we had our massages, I did a deep tissue bamboo massage so naturally I have a few bruises on my body now. But it was so good, I even think I fell asleep. For dinner we ate at Izumi, Sushi, it was good! After all the treatments, and my man still not completely up on european time we went to bed. The downside with going to bed that early is waking up in t he middle of the night. But I get to cuddle now, so we’re just one big happy melted together persona, hehe! 


So when you open your heart and soul for the wonders and dreams in the universe, there is no limits for how far you can go! I know that I can handle a lot of bad shit, build myself up, stay up against haters and smile to the world. So keep on fighting, don’t give up, take time and don’t be afraid of not being enough, because suddenly you find yourself with a person that loves everything about you, flaws and all. You find the one the gives peace to your life, lift you up when your down and love you even in your darkest hour. Hold on to that person and never let go, love can move mountains! So keep believing in yourselves, but please don’t give up on us, all we need is time to reboot and have someone that makes us sure that its the voices in our head and not you hating on us.

Any day


Any Bryde