When the law fails…

Life is the weirdest thing, you meet people who will do everything to break you and blame you afterwards, but then you meet the once that would do everything just to keep you safe! I love these people, my friends, family, my man! I know having an relation with a bipolar person can be exhausting from time to time, because of our mood. I must say that I appreciate all of you whom stay in my life despite if this! You are the one who never blame me, because how can you blame the person with an illness?!? It’s like blaming a diabetic or a cancer patient for being sick. You really need to educate yourselves! I reported an ex boyfriend of mine, because he abused me both physical and mental. But of course in this country, Norway, you get away with this easily because of the lack of caring and not having enough staff to handle these cases! So you got away this time as well! But karma will take you down, because you can’t treat people like they are garbage and get away with it! You are not forgive, everybody will know who you are and what you did eventually!

 Fake friends

I will forever use my voice to justify, be honest, loyal and telling the truth at all times! With your seven page statement where you blame me for having mental problems, calling your abusing “conflicts” and saying I did drugs! No, that wasn’t when I was with you, because you know that you controlled my whole life that awful period in my life! You isolated me from my friends, family and got me to quit my job for you! I hate you for all this, you will never be forgiven. You can keep lying to yourself and people around you, but you know in your heart what you did! And if you can’t admit that you should probably go to a psychiatrist and check yourself for a sociopath! So Dr.iPod how you going to hide from this now?!? The truth will always catch up with you! You did not know about my illnesses when we were together, I did not do drugs when we were together, it was in my teenage years! YOU controlled everything! Wouldn’t let me go anywhere without starting an huge fight or making me feel bad for you abusing me! SO twisted and fucked! But I won’t be silenced anymore, I’m done carrying this shit around! So FUCK you and all your lies! 

You think I'm

Now I have people who truly care about me and only want the best for me and my life. You support me, lift me up and understand that I am a person and have the right to be who I am, not who you want me to be! I can honestly say that after all this shit I have been through, my karma has turned around and brought me a wonderful man, brighter future and more educated, caring people in my life! I have always felt alone, but I have been holding everything in. I know I’m probably too honest sometimes, but if you are offended don’t criticise, but share your opinion. As it goes, I am still waiting for more treatments for bipolar and dissociative identity disorder, but this takes time. I been feeling up lately, that means that I’m manic, not better. This is often an mistake we make, because we think that this “happiness” is “normal”. Tho it’s not, it is as severe as the depression. Just another symptom for our illness. The good thing about this is that I get a lot of things done, feeling productive and more creative. But my filter disappears, even more now! So don’t take it personal! Just remember you are not alone!



Any Bryde