I Broke Down and Fell in to Bits

There is a lot of focus on Mental Health and issues now as there are so many celebarties that comes forward and tells stories about their breakdowns or depression periods. We all have depression periods, but not everybody has a Mental illness, diagnose or diagnoses. It is not that they are less troubled than others, it is just that this Mental Illness has become a designer label for people who acts out and are depressed. The most important thing is that we need help, therapy, medicine and hospitalisation. Our life is hard, I have days, weeks, even months where I stay behind my locked door. My social life has decreased because of my anxieties and all of my other diagnoses. For instance, I went to a concert on Thursday, OnklP og De Fjerne Slektningene, Styggen på Ryggen, they are Norwegian and my sisters boyfriend is the drummer. They are awesome and the concert was off the hook, they killed it!

nothing glamorous

And as for every bands, there’s always an afterparty, I manage to buy one drink and drank a glass of water before the panic attack hit me, this is the worst one I have had in a long time and I literary thought that I would die. The only thing I manage to mumble was, I have to go, to my sister and almost ran out of there. This is where I HATE my illnesses, so why is it people out here pretending and wanting these disease?? They control my life, every fucking second of it. I have no saying or knowing when or where it can hit me. And on top of this I have my empathy that is strong enough to take in everybody’s feelings and thats exhausting and painful at the same time. And on top of all this I have take all these medications everyday, never really know for how long or what they really do to my body. But I’m more than blessed not to be a psychiatric patient in the end of the 1800 or 1900 to the mid 1900, when they used electro shock therapy! Thats not a way of life! The poor patient forgot everything, they could even forget their name and the personality could be change forever! It is the same with lobotomy, that is not even a treatment that should have been allowed! The doctors destroyed all of their patient and it only damaged their brain, never helped them in any way!

The Most Shocking Psychiatric Documentary Ever

(Sorry for the bad Quality, but it’s not my fault, it is YouTube..)


If you just knew how this effect our lives and how much we struggle and fight our demons every day you would never say anything bad about us. We are not damaged people, nor are we “crazy”. We are just in need of help and our brain works differently than yours! And as for you who think that we are dumb, I am sorry, we are not that either. In a lot of cases we are over average, but we are not given the chance to shine in a world like the one we live in now, because we are looked down on, instead of supported and lifted up. And these illnesses and diagnoses are not as visible as you think. We “dress up” when we go out, to look “normal” and not sick, because we feel like we need to hide behind a mask that society makes us to do, because otherwise we are crazy… I am disappointed, we live in the 2014 soon to be 2015, and still we have stigma and taboo against, races, homosexuality, mental illnesses, disabled, and so on.. The list can go on for ever! It is time to see us all as humans, we all have the same rights and we all have the right to a worthy life! Thank you for reading and following, please share and tell my stories! I am over 7200 views all around the world, it is not much compare to Norway, but I have readers that really care about important themes and people! Keep it going lovelies!

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