Do Not Believe You Are Better

At the moment it is all so emotional and empty.. I wish I could be more productive, keep up with the pace and write continuesly but it does not work this way. I find myself in a state where my brain works against me and I spend all my energy and life force trying to keep up appearances. Honestly I’m worried, how the future will be, how I will be and if and when it all will be. My life is a lot of series of small picture and filmclips, I do not remember it all and there are all these memories that appearntly aren’t mine.. We live in this world where people has to be right, there are these people everywhere, mostly in social media where they do not accept another opinion than their own. For us it is completely fake when people write one thing and then later on tell or write the exact opposite. 


I’m in this group on Facebook and there are a lot of open minded and it should be. But then again, some of them are really narrowed and are forgetting what it is all about.. I know there are all these people who has to be right no matter what. But when we are talking about things we do not or will not know for sure nothing is written in stone or is for certain. It has to be said, I live in Norway, the land of has to be right and you are wrong if you do not have the same opinion as I, I hate that! Suck it up and admit that you are not the right or the wrong! We are all just molecules with different suits.. 


I feel lost and all I want is to sleep… And wake up when the potion, solution and medicine for it all is made and working!


Any Bryde

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