Conspiracy Against Me…

I have to do a short one before I’m going out this evening.. Will probably be back for more writing soon. The thing is, this is my REAL life, I live this every single day, I use my voice and follow my inner soul. It says  write, write it all, here, don’t care about judgment. But I will say, because this is important, I’m not a professional medical, doctor, PHD Psychiatrist, farmacist or anything like this. I don’t advise people to follow my action and doings.

You see, I have a bad case of “believing” for real, even tho it cannot be possible, can it? That the whole world is after me, got together, made this deal, lets give her miXed messages her whole life, all time. This means every human I met, not animals… And some of the comments here, I  LOVE THEM, but then there are those who I turn into this huge conspiracy because of things i write… 

Please tell me this isn’t real… But all made up in my head (even tho I probably won’t believe that either yet…) I’M SO SORRY 😦


Any Bryde

One thought on “Conspiracy Against Me…

  1. Any,
    You are right. None of it is real. It is your disease talking to you. It does not take any kind of doctor to tell that it is foolishness that the world is out to get you. Why would that be so? Why would it be so for you and not me? I have a depression disease too. Any, the great and good God who created this amazing universe and put it into motion-the galaxy and the stars and sun and moon also created you with His love. He loved you before you were born and loves you now. You are His precious child-one of His stars. * He would not let any harmful thing come to you.
    Like the great God there is also evil-that is what is preying on your mind. Go against it!!! Cry out to your great creating God who loves you-He will dispel the dark and the fear! Only He can make the fear and darkness flee…
    Do it for me and for yourself! Right now, Any!
    I love you and pray for you and with you,

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