The One That Got Tooo Long

I just have to say hello to you all out there! You’ve sent hundreds of comments. I’m going through them, just a little behind 🙂  I’m overwhelmed and beyond humbled over your compliments, thank you! I’ve always been feeling like time is right and now is for jumping all around, and suddenly I forget (it’s more now) what we’re up next.. I feel the shift and it’s pretty constant. But hey, I’m just going with the flow, following the wind and we all shall see. Life’s one time, so dream big, go for it and be Happy! 

oslo by night

 And I’m sorry for not having answered all the comments, but there are so many comments – not in a bad way! Believe you me that these are the kindest of words very different ones beyond the biggest compliments  from what I walk around with inside my brain 24/7. 

So I’m still going to read everything you send, but if it’s a repeating on there’s a search on my site 🙂  So now, it’s time to let on a few guest authors/bloggers, any one, if you want to have an “article” as you all called them mail it to me but I have a fee criterias: 

  1. it must be a true story form your life and you have to of course be in it
  2. Since I also lived or living through it right now as I write
  3. Be honest and speak from the heart, don’t think, close your eye and feel I’m 
  4. If you struggle with your choice, choose the one that’s closest or the story in your hear
  5. The story has to be for all eyes and ears 🙂

I give you all my soul in writing and fun fact, yes I got all the diagnoses also a few more personality disorders 🙂 so my information I guess is always and was always here. Because I’m living inside my own head, in this time when everybody is social and talking.  


 Half the time I think it’s a story about me and what I’m doing in the “moment”. But they put the story in the past, one plus one is two pretty fas there. So comes the questions, did they do all this plan everything because they want you to freak out.. I know that the conclusion and how I could see and hear all this is, watch out, slippery slope!  

three nen

 when they drugged me and I didn’t knew, but the always say and said what I was doing, what song to put on to make me not bad in my face, but happy, smiling. She’s smiling again was often mentioned and I think she’s ok now. And then it of course returns. Then the old man comes in and I’m just sitting not moving, talked. But I think a lot of it is by choice because to be honest: 
I really don’t know where to turn, so writing has and is my soul in nature. You see when the mind works faster than the hands or the hands out touches the brain. I and I can per ce if I want follow my dream. It’s looking promising this start of 2015, happy wise more last year. But that’s a long one and this was going to be a short one.  

blowup face

 And I feel I have to say a couple of things about me, the one who writes every word you read, lived the stories. And on top of that small little mountain pile of towels I’m a woman not a man and I run this site alone 🙂 and I love you all for the compliments and kind words, too much!  


 I wish we could a spend more time trying to turn the brains functions on… 


Any Bryde💋