Awakening WorldWideWeb ;

the story of humans is sad and dark where the skies swallow all of your pride. thus people think they are worthy of others they dont even think about life and living things. why are you stealing my life and trying to make it your “own” you bastards? where are your brains did you loose yourselves? is it hard to understand that a person like me can change and be me? i know i been in a haze for some time, but i have been fighting for my life since i was born. the fact that i am should mean something. several times i have tried but do you really think….

the fact that i am on welfare and only 36 years old should say something about some of you humans. intelligens is rare and misunderstood so why rape me who live my own life!!!!!!!!!

the fact that i have written since i was a child should tell you that i am the one who owns everything under my name! should you not realize that your life has a purpose and that you cannot steal or say that you work for me or are me in person! i know a lot of you think you “own” me but NO! do you know what an https adress is here in Europe or are you so fucking stupid that you think i am a fake person?????????

much love