i am the orphan~김유황

as my life evolves to something that the unintelligent do not understand they gang up on us like hitler did his own! this country is not a good place at all Norway as they say are only after corruption hate betray sex and money! this life is not worthy the good souls i carry but i will stay strong and carry my heritage forever.

i will keep my bloodline safe for eternity with love wealth happiness and health. i will never betray the ones i love like you have betrayed me! i will never speak a bad word about the people on this planet but show you the reality of what they do to each other. i will be myself and give my all to my children and educate them to be wise and enlightned. i will show them what love and hate really is. i will lead a good example and not give up. i will never stop caring or work for peace. i will never let go of the life you put me through but use it to educate the nexts generations. i will keep all the negativity and learn to forgive but i will not let you in my life ever again. i will raise my head and be proud of myself and i will fight for equality as long as i live. i will teach my children to live the same way and i will keep my word as a told my dad that passed away in 2009 and my grandmother that passed in 2008 for as well for my aunt who passed in 1993 and my uncle who passed in 2017. for as well for my ancestors. i will honour the rules and regulation to life. i will not be a victim but the phoenix that raises! i will show the world how you have treated me and let people know the truth about the Norwegian society!

i hope for justice so tomorrow i will go to the church and the vatican city again! 🙇🏻‍♀️

much love