Purple Lotus Movement

Purple Lotus Movement

this is so we can build up our lives again ~ us who has been sent away from korea but wish to live and be back home again. this is a project to help raise money so we can find housing work and get help to build up our community and lives again. ofcourse this is only for us who lives here and work together for our community where we want to live and work for a united society of adoptees in seoul. i wish to find a building where we all can live and then help other adoptees to start their lives here again. so if there are humans who want to contribute or help please contact me by email.

it is very sad for me to write this but this country has made so much money of us who are adopted. because still there are koreans that live here as orphans in facilities that also i wish to help. there are so many talented and well educated humans among us adoptees and most of us suffer because of the feeling of being rejected ; abandoned ; racism ; abuse ; mental health issues ; illnesses. so coming back home and have a place where we can help ourselves and others so we can live here and learn the korean language and work is something that is very much needed.

as for example there are organizations who help with school intuition ; language classes ; f4visa : guesthouses. but there should be a place where we could have a community and thrive because we are all humans and have huge resources and can contribute in our own way to our homecountry.

much love

김유화~Aitreuya YooHwai LilandBryde Kim