I Have Been in And Out of Wonderland

When everything turns around on you and you suddenly get so sick that you do not even have the idea of being in a hospital it can be a really scary thing. But there are so many helpful health personals and friendly faces. The doctors made my life and my body free from all the diseases and infections. I had tremendous help and the staff did so much for me here at Diakonhjemmet. I was in a coma for two weeks, never been before and my body fought and got stuck with every needle you can think of. My small little me was filled with tubes and everything. While my family and boyfriend viditing me, but I was in a place far away from this reality…

you dont know

I’m so sorry for you who had to see me like this, but I can say that I better now. And my legs works again. Up and walking again, feeling almost “normal” now. But I would never hsve could done this without the help I have gotten here. I am eternely thankful and humbled over the work. One thing is sure and that is that you health personals should get higher saleries. But this is a country where life is not fair at all in this way. Where the majority og women appartently want to be artisits or authors, but there are not that many good writers. No effence, but i like non fiction… That is why I write about the serious stuff. So Yes I am awake and the time is 7am.. Been up since 5:30am, its the hospital… In the evening night time after my boyfriend leave there is not so much to do than to sleep… But I have been fighting and working for getting back up on my feet again. And here I am! Up and going.

train your mind

My life is changed, never been in a coma before, two weeks! And waking after being in a coma is not pleasant at all. Is confusing and scary. I really did get an awakinging after this experience. And being in a hospital for almost one month is a long time! Just for you my friends all over the world, do not think I am gone, I have been in a place where I would never wish my worst enemy have to go. So take care of yourselves and your health, do not go crazy like I did this time. I will write more about this, but right now I just don’t know what to write or remember, it’s time to take care of me and mine as you did for me!


And writitng in Norwegian is not even my style, the language lack some words, so it all seems more poor in my opinion. But to you whom write in Norwegian, good job, you found a voice within yourselves.


Any Bryde

Conspiracy Against Me…

I have to do a short one before I’m going out this evening.. Will probably be back for more writing soon. The thing is, this is my REAL life, I live this every single day, I use my voice and follow my inner soul. It says  write, write it all, here, don’t care about judgment. But I will say, because this is important, I’m not a professional medical, doctor, PHD Psychiatrist, farmacist or anything like this. I don’t advise people to follow my action and doings.

You see, I have a bad case of “believing” for real, even tho it cannot be possible, can it? That the whole world is after me, got together, made this deal, lets give her miXed messages her whole life, all time. This means every human I met, not animals… And some of the comments here, I  LOVE THEM, but then there are those who I turn into this huge conspiracy because of things i write… 

Please tell me this isn’t real… But all made up in my head (even tho I probably won’t believe that either yet…) I’M SO SORRY 😦


Any Bryde

Awareness day…

We’re now leaving Surrathani as I write. It’s a good feeling, going to Koh Phangan with my new friend from Gemert in Holland, Suzanne. She is so much fun and we want to see the same places. So instead of staying on Phi Phi I went with her.

20140331-111418 PM.jpg

The Phi phi days was fun, thanks Paddy for letting me stay with you! We had good times, but you had more drunken times than me 😉 it’s all good and Phi Phi does something to people. There’s no limits whatsoever, you can almost do whatever you want and the drunkenness is so drunk that you won’t believe it until you experience it yourselves. But Phi Phi is still amazing and everybody who comes there love it and get a little stuck. So you need a push to get your groove on! I had an experience with Paddy and I was so glad I decided to leave the island yesterday. Because some stuff aren’t funny at all ;)!

20140331-111649 PM.jpg

I’ve been exhausted lately, sleeping a lot and still in need of more rest. The night ferry to Koh Phangan is still the same, beds, fans and power! The wonderful life of a non stressful way of traveling, I’m glad I met all these people, special ones, that also has this “there’s no need of planning”, just decide and get on the boat, bus, train or whatever! I’m enjoying my life as a traveller, it suits me and I can feel the shifting. Thus I had this breakdown a couple of days before I left Bangkok. Because of my illness I have no filter or control, so it ends up with me feeling really guilty and sad. I’m a work in progress, you know as they say; “Rome wasn’t build in a day”.

20140331-113147 PM.jpg

It’s time to close my eyes and sleep some. Thanks for reading and following. You’re welcome to ask question or send personal message, don’t be afraid or shy!

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