Realizing awakening white Lotus

Being a single person, at least not a lady here in the West is not something I would recommend. If you stand out or never lie, the easier it is for people to use you and blame their own faults and bad behaviour on others than themselves. Lately this life here in Norway has been described as a “dream come true”, but in books and in Norwegian magazines, so where is this fiction lives to show for? But honestly this place is build up from hatred, racism, corruption, drugs, extortion and copy pasting! There is always a fine lining in the cotton they wear. The cheapest of all because they think they can compare themselves with a right and wrong answer…that most of them find in a drawer or online!

This country has sadly forsaken themselves and all some of you think of is how much money you think have! There is good humans that live the right way and have their glassmasks on everyday. If we do not look right in someone elses eyes we are easily judged and “thrown away! The worst thing about this fabulous lifestyle they think they live is the lack of intelligence and humanity! Once we open our mouths for the people who think they own us, they just look down on us because we speak the proper language! Sadly and wrongly they think we have to go to school to be “smart, when life is about experience and an open mind! And the corruption in this place of help is growing to a size where there is soon nowhere back. But here they do not see themselves in the mirror all they see and think is “me me me me me me me” and things! The more I experience and go through in my life I reckon and realize the truth in your eyes. Hatred, envy, jealousy and misfortune is growing for you half people!

To think ones intelligence can be measured by a test that we all can learn the answers to is so stupid that I hope some of you soon open your eyes! Not that I have a bachelor or another degree, but the lack of life and experience is not in my life to see. The answer is not always the same or the right way, the life you lead is telling your story! I wish I had more positivity towards the people here, but still there are humans that live truthfully! Realizing your own worth and wealth is a start but when you only google people names and birthdays you lose all you got!

To think ones intelligence can fool the enlightened is not the smartest move you boys and girls! I do not mean to be rude just trying to get you to see and not use propaganda to fill your own shit. Whenever you are ready just open the borders, this will change a society for the better. So this silence is probably the sign of you listening and that you might be ready for once in your lifetime! This world and earth is not yours to own and destroy it is a place to call haven to sing and enjoy! Lately this life is not all that you got, so you all use your credit cards because you all think you are so smart. But the debt and the guilt will kill your soul and your heart, so think before you close your own eyes.

Much Love