Inside 2017October

"these days i wish for something like respect love honesty my own family there has been so much hardships where i have been left lonely" 12.10.2017 "two years ago i was put in a coma where my soul ended up in a realm of drugs and humantrafficking they emptied our bodies for organs in the … Continue reading Inside 2017October

Losing A Roll

there has been almost two weeks here in seoul already. and i have never felt more home in a place than now. as i walk around thinking looking listening and feeling a spirit that is closer to mt heart than ever. i have met so many warmhearted humans and tied connections that do feel realer … Continue reading Losing A Roll

My heart and soul

I'm going back to the place I'm born. Learning the language is the first steppingstone. I open the books, the words unknown. But I keep studying hard and going on. I'm looking for you because my family is unknown. I want to share how my life went on. Now I'm ready and you should know. I … Continue reading My heart and soul