Once more the stupidness arises and the ashes will not settle when we wish for the light. Theres no fire nor is there heat or another day should not pass. Where ever they follow you they seem to be wrongly independless and poor at heart. When life turns the other wheel the money talks in the blackness of the shadow of a ghost where there once was a soul. The life you once lived is not yours anymore, you lost it to heroin and shit all day long. The more you sink in and the more you dissapear in a hot stone tub where you will melt away.

Wether you are young or an old soul should have a richous way and lead strong infront of the headline of your path instead of the destruction where you have no where back. When i see your glass stone cold face and shape i just want to spit acid in your face. The shouting and namecalling appareantly never gets old for some of you ignorant idiotic folks. I wish for you a better hell but when you meet lucifer he will never let you ever return back to the realm you are from. Once your dead the darkness will kill your soul and your eyes will blast away. The bombs inside your heart will burst on and on and when someone plays a song the longing will be strong. The nights and the evenings are probably the worst for you who does not realize that you lost all you are worth. Are you really healthy, wealthy or well or are you all just sociopath on a distructed way?

Nor do i ask for an answer from the stupid but the good souls will always be here to let you know the difference. So if you see someone smiling there is a chance for redemption, but hey think now you will always burn in hell!

Whenever in a cricis who do you call? Do you really always shout for your mom in the darkness of the corner where you sleep or are you just a little bitch that wont let go something neat. Someones who is patient will soonly let go of a someone who think they know someone. In this country we are seeing death every day but hey you are still quiet on facebook.no or?

Leaving one world is the easiest thing but what about all your poisions that will burn your stakes. Are you really so afraid of the dna in your vains or is it the way you are living your fucked up lives?

Reality check hey you people out there are you really so death to the tone in your ears? Have you again lost the ability to think for yourselves or are you under a fucked up whore spell?

The longer the wait the easier the leaving thinking i do not even care about nothing. But i really do care but i cannot stand all this bullshit from the wrongness and racism towards my own persona that you throw my way! The pitty party for you who call yourselves the lost party is shameless and utterly aweful to be comparing yourselves with someone who is outside the four walls of hell. Rather staying in a place where you live in your head with a vhs spinning on wheels on the decks.

Zoning will never be a way to repent but the further you sail the easier wave…

Much Love