june arrived and i am still alone in my apartmemt where i have been through enough hell for a lifetime. even so the universe helps me to stay calm and enlightned like a morning breeze without rain, but with cloudy skies. the ones who believe they can get away with lies will soon be revealed in a way that this world will be better for the clean souls that realm this planet. thus i think we should look inside ourselves the misunderstanding is unbearable when it comes to the people who think like me. the life up until now is somewhat something i cannot change but choose and have to accept. there is nothing we can do to change the past but we can all stand together and work for a better future together in peace and harmony.

the togetherness sharing and lives should be open and accepted as is not as you want us to be. because as long as we stay true honest and humble we will always know who we are. the lives we are meant to live should mirror your eyes like the soul and heart we wear on our sleeves. the others are sadly turned to a side that cannot be changed, but if they someday get to see what they have done to us maybe they will see the truth in their own eyes. i know in this world we suffer and choose to blame others because it is so easy to say “she told me, she said, i didnt, i have never….” but why do you believe someone who repeat themselves and ask the same questions time and time again? why dont you believe a truthseeker that only want the world to shine like the star it should be and evolve to another dynasty?

where did you hide the love for humanity and family did you really hate me that much?

are these thoughts something that ever slip your minds or do you all believe and follow lies, propaganda and shamefulness like the darkness in your souls. should you stand up for yourselves like we do, sbould you believe in the good, the light, the world and a unity?is it hard to understand that some people are actually just bad seeds and will never admit their wrongdoings or faults in their flaws. will the story of darkness be merged into the road of humbleness, happiness, hope and home. are you really satisfied with the lives you are living?

in my own little space where i have chosen to stay right now i really dont know if the truth will be told. but i will promise you this my dearest and loved ones that i will fight for the humanrights as well for our planet. i know that im saying things in a way where some of you might think you can blame me. but remember all of you that the life you live is yours and chosen by yours true will power. there is nothing to aim for a perfect way but choose a path that will make you stay. do not be bothered or turned by other voices that tell you i am something i am not!

Much Love