the assumption about me, my life and my thoughts and my writing is taking a toll. why are you contemplating and thinking some of you are involved. i know i have named names, but you who are named can think to believe that everything can be about you because you might be wrong. the insight you lack are emberrasing and small. like the minds of those who think you are in control. my life is not invented nor shall i say wished upon, but live and still are in my control. i am so hurt in my soul that you think i am not me and that i have someone writing for me. how can it be that you think you are another human being when i am the one who wakes up alone every time.

this society is awful and harmful to us who knows who we are and is living for ourselves in a way that you will never understand. the ones who do wrong will never admit their loose ends or their hate. because the blaming of others has always been their escape. you should be careful with your words your lives and your thoughts when the universe rules and control. do you really believe that i have not lived or am alive? is this the easiest way for you to think you are someone? where is your heart did you lose yourself? is it really neccasery to bring all this hatred to our universe and earth? will the power of suggestion be enough to show that we need rules and regulation to show for.

i have to say i am ashamed to believe and trust others that should know what copyright is and that trademarking is our control. the smallest minds think so much of themselves and use “illness” as an excuse but try to kill others. so what does this say about the bad seeds in this world. is it fair to let them roam free with technology and fake words? how should we show this world that we know ourselves and how can i show that my life is my own? even so i hope and think that somewhere the good exist… thus in this western world that has affected some of your clean souls you have to look inside yourselves before you lose control! i have to say and admit that this abuse, rape and fraud is not something we will stand or accept anymore!

because i write my life the way i want and live, does not mean you have the right to steal my thoughts or words! i am embarrest that the humans does not belive that i am me and capable of everyhting i put my energy into. and thus i know some of you follow and read my stories, i never know who to be trusted anymore! even so i am adopted and i decided to make this world my life and glory. you should really think and try to educate yourselves and not be a copycat of someone else.

much love