Once Upon A Time They Called This The “Perfect Place…

when the times turn and life unexpexdiatly back you up. you never know where or what you can do. from the times we walk alone in a shadow of lightness where the darkness surrounds us. always i am the one walking alone when all of you are thinking you are something using the wheels of plastic. even so I still believe some of you have a change to live this life full of purpose. thus no one should try to impersonate me or anyone else because in your heart and soul there is so much more of you dishonest souls that should be dressed. the living and the dead exist together even tho you never should be able to see everything there is a life between planet earth and our universe. the only thing some of you believe in is fiction so why wont you just disappear and leave these realms. 

i wish for a place where we should not be afraid to be ourselves or try to be a copycat. the ones that betray their own should be punished and shown a mirrorlike entetity that never will dissapear. there is a race in this world and you think you are the ones that own this earth. why wont you take a hold and pause yourself to a place where no one wants to know anything of you. because you have umboulantary placed me in a place where my life is placed in a misplaced box and used me for something no one should go through. I beg of you to be home and never show your souls. even so my love is deep for a few of you, i wish the head off you!

once I was a little girl but suddenly I grew because of me and my life. being poisoined and put in a coma! trying to take my life, take me, murder me and bomb me will be unheard off. and the severe life of the little things you really are will never be something we will miss. thus your heritage is unsure I will try to make your souls and hearts bigger than yourselves. the world is not yours it is a place where the dimensions rule. and you think you are a telepath, medium or even do exist somewhere but in reality you are all dead inside. because if you really cared or loved me I would not be here at all! I am ashamed to grow up in a society where the people think of egoism, racism, nationalism and money as a rule to live by in their “world. and apparently you are trying to change my words too. and I hate you all for the crimes you do and have done, so take your punishment and be gone. because we who knows pain, will stand tall together and fight the rightchousness in this universe forever.

nor is this the end for us the enlightened lightness of the shadows of the world. driven by the souls of ghosts of this place we will never shed a tear or even visit you… but if you choose to return we will maybe see you sometimes in the far future of the planet earth as something else!

Much love

Aitreuya YooHwa Annicken Thabitha LilandGiuKimGiSheroBryde