Forever In Unity

i do not know when or why, but inbetween of it all i wish i did not meet some of you. because the awfulness, bullying, bad mouthing, lies and neglect will never be forgotten. tho i am somewhat glad for going through hardship because it makes us stronger and more honest inside. i wish this will bring you some way of understanding towards the true evilness of the world. i have been living a life full of so much that some people think i am lying. and that breaks my heart into a million pieces every time it crosses my mind. to be honest it crosses my mind often, but i do not think about the ones who have wronged me so… or at least i am working on it. but the ones who have assaulted me i do not have anything to say to anymore except for hopefully karma will hit you soon.

my understanding in this life is that the small minds tend to not think or educate themselves about mechanism, rules, copyright, right and wrong. the more i walk around in this city i see new faces, tourists of course, all the so called “norwegianers are spending their summer elsewhere and missing out on what Norway has to offer in the summertime. tho the scene is tamed, the tourism us something you should notice and think about. there is a boredom is this capital that mirrors peoples eyes, because the party scene is not what it used to be. we grow up and see the new faces, but what do you do? are you aware of the path certain lifestyles can lead you on? are you not worried about all the drama, gossip, lies and sexual transmitted diseases? come to think of it i know that some of you like living a lie, but insight will not appear if you do not open your eyes! nor will justice when all you do is play the corruptuon and lie.

still the dream for a society that works together is here inside my heart. through all the shit i have been through i have evolved and learned that to take your life is not a solution. i have lost, loved, cried and been lonely. but honestly i know dreams come true in the end when you follow the stars aligned from the universe and stay honest.

so my wish for the planet is peace, harmony, love and a unity that brings us all together so we can exist forever!

Much Love