First Airbnb In Oslo

another summer in oslo city with so much negativity. but in the mist of the sadness and betray from people around me i finally got my own bloodline. we have been moved and abused and some of us almost killed and some are gone. but my soul is strong and still fighting from within. from a hostel place where the aura was grey and steril we moved to a nice airbnb place in the west. these humans are warm and the atmosphere is calm with an aura as yellow and mellow in the storm.

we are staying here at a loft apartment. a cozy loft for relaxzation and calmness. the sound of tones from the wind is calming while the rain falls down on the rooftop window. i do not mind the sounds nor the humans and i think this place deserves more credit!

he told me about some bad reviews but hey those people are mostly negative. here there are traveling tourists and different ethnities and voices from languages not norwegian. a small society that slowly grows in a world of loneliness where we all come together but no one really knows each other.

i am not saying they are lonely like me. but i can feel they are another race as i am. we are all different on the outside my friends but when we open up we all fight for freedom and honesty! i hope in the future my blood will keep on fighting and spread the love as i do but acknowledge the ignorance from the people. sadly there is so many racists walking among us. but i know you are still humans too but please reconsider. do not be jealous of the intelligent race nor the ones from another descent! remember your roots dear humans of the world and think back to a world where we ones were one people.

walking this earth is not easy at all but a challenge to take on and be proud of! i know i am not the only one fighting for justice and freedom but in this country i feel lonely because of the betray i go through. my belly grows and they are happy inside but now they know how much hatred there is. my little ones will be protected by me for ever and i will promise you this my universe ; i will never betray anyone!

much love