Further On An Epidemic Raises

there is a huge problem in this world earlier i said this is an epidemic and now i know of what. it has come to the day of light that this planet is now filled with racists in all firms and colors. the sad thing is that you do not even know the meaning of this word and that you are i am sorry to say unintelligent people who do not know right from wrong! where and how did you all educate yourselves? what is your degree of knowledge really?

is your lives based on lies and rumors drugs and sex extortion and corruption or just a ring of hatred with some sugar on?

how is it that i am bought to this world where a society do not respect privacy? how is it that you who think you are professionals in reality are criminals? where did you attend school? how did you become like this? are you all proud of yourselves and the lives you lead? in this world there are wars ongoing but still here in the western societies you put numbers on things and say “oh it is all over it is years ago! how the hell did you become teachers when you think there is a right and wrong answer to everything?

is it so that you want the superior intelligent humans to believe that we are dumber than we are? again i have to enlighten you that this does not work on an intelligent race. because we know our worth and who we are. we know you are criminals and try to blame us. we know where you work and it is not hard to find out where you live. we see the changes you hackers make online and how you change your names to something else to pretend to be someone real! is this really worth your time you think? do you not think that in the end you will all be gone?

do you really think this war is over? do you know how many freedom fighters that exists on this planet? do you know that almost everybody now can read english except for you who are unintelligent?

do you know the source of life ~ blood it is! so be aware of the flesheating creatures that now exists everywhere here on planetearth to extinguish you who are unclean and dirty. thus it hurts my soul to say this i have to write the truth so the rest of the world will see what you people have become!

much love